5 Important Tips For Milwaukee Winter Lawn Care

Have you worked all spring and summer making your lawn and landscaping look great? Worried about how your back and front yards will hold up during the sometimes harsh Milwaukee winter weather?

To help you prepare your lawn for the cold weather, we’ve got five winter lawn care tips that will keep your grass looking green and healthy come springtime!

pile of leaves on a lawn

1. Rake the Leaves

While the colors of autumn leaves can give a rustic look to a yard, we recommend raking as part of your winter lawn care routine. Raking will keep the lawn healthier as excess leaves can kill the grass by smothering it over time.

Dead patches of grass the following spring can be prevented by raking regularly.

2. Mow for the Winter

Many people stop mowing the lawn shortly after the first frost and when the grass stops growing rapidly. Our recommendation would be to continue mowing through the fall. Around the middle of November is when homeowners should do their final cut.

When working with a lawn mowing service, ask them to adjust the mower blade to a lower setting. Setting the blade to 2.5 inches is a good way to ensure that the grass doesn’t overgrow in the winter and become a playground for pests that can cause damage.

3. Plant Now for Spring

If the lawn has thin spots just before the cold weather sets in, those spots will remain or get worse by spring. For this reason, we recommend planting new grass seed to thicken up any bare spots. The grass will have a chance to grow strong roots once the temperatures begin to gradually rise in March and April.

To keep the grass green all throughout winter, homeowners could even plant winter grass in early autumn. Doing so can prevent a dried out, winter look on the lawn.

4. Don’t Forget to Fertilize for Winter Lawn Care

Along with planting new grass seed, it’s important to continue feeding the grass during the colder season. Using fertilizer in both early and late fall will help the grass establish healthy and strong roots. Grass with a strong root system will gain its bright green color faster and resist weeds and pests in the spring.

5. Take Care of the Weeds

Speaking of weeds, a proper winter lawn care regimen will include some time spent picking weeds. The most common weeds will begin seeding in the fall, so picking and treating them appropriately will keep a lawn free of them next season.

Commercial weed killing products can be purchased in most grocery and hardware stores. Alternatively, we recommend that homeowners try creating their own organic vinegar weed killer.

Keep Your Lawn in Shape This Winter

By following these five tips for caring for your lawn in the winter, you can cut down on yardwork when spring has sprung!

Want to keep your lawn looking great for all seasons? Visit our blog for more lawn care tips, tricks, and treatments!