Lawn Weed Control in Waukesha

Effective pest and lawn weed control is an important part of any good lawn care program. Without comprehensive pest and weed prevention and intervention, your lush, green lawn can quickly become a bed of crabgrass, quackgrass, and dandelions — not to mention home to damaging pests like Japanese beetles, grubs and tent caterpillars.

For weed control for planting beds, we offer three tiered programs: Superior, Regular, and Budget. We can also offer services on an as-needed basis. A typical service visit includes:

  • Manual weed removal of large weeds and invasive plants
  • Herbicide application
  • Removal of debris, pulled weeds, and paper trash in bed areas

All of our weed maintenance and fertilization applicators are certified and licensed by the state of Wisconsin.

To learn more about our weed prevention and removal services, contact us today.

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