Slit Seeding in Waukesha

The major benefit in slit seeding over the conventional seeding method is that you get direct seed-to-soil contact and it allows for a clean approach without disrupting your existing turf.  This type of seeding can help improve thin areas of lawn, bare spots, weedy areas, and the overall appearance of your lawn.  A slit seeder is a machine that slices even rows into the soil /existing turf and drops grass seed directly into those rows to improve the growth rate. With our slice seeding service, we also apply a starter fertilizer of slow-release nutrients. The key to a successful slit seeding is the quality of seed, fertilizer, and adequate water. A good water schedule must be part of successful seeding. Temporary irrigation systems are available for rent to help maintain adequate watering and low maintenance.

This seeding service is offered in conjunction with other services,  to improve results.  A great program we are offering includes slit seeding, with applying an organic compost mixture over the seed to aid in the growth process.  The mixture promotes extra nutrients, holds moisture better, and is an all-natural material.

Slit seeding is also recommended after a dethatching service to improve bare areas where the thatch has been removed.

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