7 Beautiful Garden Lighting Ideas to Consider for Your Landscaped Milwaukee Garden

A garden can go a long way in giving a property a unique and inviting atmosphere. Perhaps you regularly cultivate a garden in your yard, but you are looking for a way to make it stand out even more than it already does? If so, you might consider providing it with some lighting.

A bit of lighting can transform your garden, making it visible all throughout the day and night. Here are seven beautiful garden lighting ideas to consider for your landscaped Milwaukee garden.

villa garden with lighting hanging from tree

1. Lighting Within Water

Does your garden contain any decorative waterfalls? If so, you might consider installing lights within these falls.

By shining light through the water from the inside out, you provide your garden with an elegant and atmospheric aesthetic.

2. Indirect Lighting

A way to give a unique look to your garden is by distributing abstract light. This type of light is created by making use of indirect lighting. Instead of shining light directly onto plants, shine it so that it only partially makes contact with the plants.

3. Cool Lighting

Artificial lighting comes in a bevy of different colors. Whereas yellow artificial lighting typical possesses around 2,000 kelvins, blue artificial light typically contains around 5,500 kelvins.

Using 5,500-kelvin bulbs will give your garden a cool, bluish appearance.

4. Edge Lighting

A great way to make your garden stand out in the dark of the night is by lighting up its edges. By placing lamps along the edges of your garden, you can not only light up a walking path, but draw attention to the plants that line the outside of your garden. Not to mention, it will provide your garden with a clean and tidy look.

5. Mixed Lighting

While you could conceivably place a number of uniform lamps throughout your garden, you might want to mix it up a bit by making use of several different types of lamps. Lamps of different shapes and sizes will bring some much-needed variety to your garden.

6. Lighting from Trees

Wouldn’t it be nice to produce the look of moonlight cascading down onto your garden all throughout the night? Well, you can do so by placing lights in your trees.

When you emit light from your trees, you create an ethereal atmosphere which seems to engulf your entire garden.

7. Direct Lighting

If you want to draw maximum attention to your garden, you’d be best served by direct lighting. Shining a lamp directly onto your plants presents them in all of their glory. This will create a bold, but inviting aesthetic which can be experienced by any and all passersby.

Ready to Enhance Your Garden Lighting?

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