9 Ways to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Garden in 2018

Are you a lover of vintage gardens?

If you’re a Waukesha or Milwaukee resident, you may want a trendy new look for your garden for spring. Or, you could have wondered just how easy it is to do a vintage decor theme for your garden. Well, it could be easier than you think.

The informal nature of this type of garden means that planting is more relaxed and borders are mixed. And, you probably already have the furniture and other items you need to get started.

So, with just a few small touches, you could be on the way to giving your garden a quaint and relaxing new look.

pretty vintage garden with gazebo

Keep reading for nine ways that you can get started on creating a vintage garden today.

1. Repurpose a Cart or Wheelbarrow

Both wheelbarrows and goat carts are perfect planters for your garden. An exterior that is distressed or worn gives the vintage look. So, find a nice old one and use it as a centerpiece in your new garden.

2. Create a Vintage Piano Garden

An antique piano is another object that adds a vintage look to your garden. All you have to do is plant wildflowers in the piano’s body for an effortless, unique design.

3. Repurpose a Door as a Planter

Another great way to reuse old items is to use a recycled door as a place to hang potted flowers and plants. The spaces where the door’s glass would be are a perfect frame for the plant pots.

4. Create a Vintage Seating Area

Ever wanted a relaxing corner of your garden where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine? Why not create a vintage nook that doubles as a charming hideaway? Try these two tips:

  • Use a wooden bench or worn love seat as a focal point.
  • Put it somewhere surrounded by herbs or flowers, or a place with a good view of the garden.

5. Decorate with Books

Another great idea is to make your little garden nook useful and charming with gardening books or novels. Adding metal flower pots as bookends adds a functional vintage touch as well.

6. Vintage China as a Plant Border

For a whimsical look, use vintage china plates as a garden border. Or, you can try decorative stones in a variety of colors and textures.

7. Mix up the Furniture

Nothing says “vintage” quite like cane furniture. Our tips:

  • Add some cane chairs and mix them with shabby chic metal ones for an artistic touch.
  • The more mismatched the furniture, the better.

8. An Old Bike

A vintage bicycle can be a good vintage decor piece. It’s versatile enough to be used in a number of ways. For instance:

  • Baskets and handlebars can be used to hold pots or planters.
  • Decorate the pots with chalk signs or handwritten quotes on wooden boards.
  • For maximum sturdiness, secure the bike to a tree with a chain. You can also plant a vining plant close by so that it grows along the chain.

9. Decorated Plant Pots

A great vintage garden idea is to beautify your plant pots with decorative fabric. Try using a variety of fabrics, and fix them to the pot using twine.

Starting Your Vintage Garden

Hopefully you now have some good ideas to get started on your garden. Whether you want to beautify your property for your own enjoyment or because you’re getting ready to sell, it’s good to know how much creativity and a good landscape design can improve the value and curb appeal of your property.

Check out our site for more ideas on beautifying both your garden and your home, or contact us for more information.