Home Mosquito Control Options

Believe it or not, the humble mosquito is the most deadly insect on the planet. Its bites are responsible for the deaths of more than one million people each year. So, if your backyard is infested with mosquitoes, you need to start exploring mosquito control options. This way, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your family from these nasty pests.

Mosquito resting on green leaf

Tips for Mosquito Control

Nothing can ruin your outdoor spaces more than a bad case of mosquitoes. Here are some tips and control options that can help prevent and eliminate these nasty bugs.

Drain Excess Water

Mosquitoes thrive on stagnant water and only need a little of it to reproduce. Thus, the first thing you need to do is dump any water that could serve as a breeding ground for them. Even something as small as a plant saucer has enough water to help them breed.

It only takes eight to 10 days for mosquito eggs to grow into full adult mosquitoes. So, dump dog bowls, plant saucers, and bird baths on a regular basis to discourage breeding.

Buy a Mosquito Killing System

If you already have a mosquito problem, take active steps in eliminating them.

Mosquito control machines mimic the human body by simulating body heat and CO2. This will cause the mosquitoes to fly into the trap, which will then kill them. These systems are ideal for larger outdoor spaces (an acre or more) because they’re most effective for killing lots of mosquitoes at once.

Buy a Bug Zapper

An electronic bug zapper works well in areas with swamps or stagnant waters, which are notorious breeding grounds for mosquitoes. A bug zapper uses a black light to attract the mosquitoes to an electrical grid, which will trap, electrocute, and kill any insects that come close to it.

What’s great about this option is that these zappers come in a variety of sizes, so they can meet the needs of most yards.

Buy a Mosquito Misting System

Another great option is a misting system. Misting systems spray insecticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes and other pesky insects. These devices have spray nozzles that you mount around the perimeter of your home. Better yet, you can hide them in your landscaping or along a fence, so they aren’t an eyesore for your property.

When using one of the systems:

  • Don’t apply the pesticide when people, animals, or food are present.
  • Set automatic times for when people are unlikely to be near the misting source.
  • Only use the system when mosquitoes are active (early morning and evening).
  • Avoid using the system during high winds.
  • Be aware of the maximum daily rate noted on your product label.
  • Follow these best practices to make sure you’re using the system safely and efficiently.

Next Steps for Controlling Mosquitoes

If your backyard is full of mosquitoes, you need to be proactive and take measures to eliminate them. There are a variety of mosquito control options available in Milwaukee, so if you need help, simply contact a mosquito control company.

We can send you individualized recommendations for eliminating these pests in no time. Contact us today.