How Much Value Does Professional Home Landscaping Add to Your Property?

There’s a reason the home landscaping company is booming: A whopping 90% of people think it’s crucial to have a well-maintained lawn but 33% don’t know how to do it themselves. But that’s just one reason that the landscaping industry brings in $61 million per year.

If you’re among those who want to have a great lawn but feel like they can just DIY it, put down the mulch. We’re going to break down how professional landscaping is going to add value to your property.

Keep reading to see how it’s worth the initial expense.

home landscaped with rose and blue hydrangeas

Maintain Your Lawn

If there’s one thing that you must absolutely do to add value to your home, you must maintain your lawn. Out of any landscaping that adds value to a home, the lawn is the biggest element. And it’s easy to see why—the lawn is the first thing people see.

Having a professional care and maintain this major area is easier than having to keep track of it yourself.

Pathways and Decorative Rocks

Once you’ve got basic lawn care down, adding a few decorative elements will boost your curb appeal.

Home landscaping professionals can work with you to add things like pathways and decorative rocks on your property. This allows you to add value to your home in a creative and useful way.

Fencing and Boundaries

Lots of potential buyers look for fencing or boundaries when they’re home shopping. And, fencing and decorative boundaries are fairly easy yard improvement projects. That makes them inexpensive ways to boost your home’s value and make your yard space look pretty.

Planting Beds

Lots of people love to go outside and pick their own fresh veggies and fruit. If you’ve ever wanted your own edible garden, this is a great project to take on.

Of course, this home landscaping project can seem a bit intimidating. That’s why it’s best to call in a professional who can guide you through the entire process.

Find a pro who knows their way around an edible garden. They’ll show you what to plant where and how to plant it.

Bushes and Trees

A lush expanse of lawn can’t be beat, but if you want to add a few more living features, bushes and trees are the obvious choices. Having a few of these commonplace plants can add tons of curb appeal to your home and boost the value of your property.

Wondering if bushes and trees would be high-maintenance additions? A good home landscaping company will help you find hardy shrubs that just need a trim here and there. Trees will also need some pruning from time to time, but a shady spot is always a welcome addition to any home.

Call a Home Landscaping Pro Today to Boost Your Curb Appeal

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