Top 10 Trees for Wisconsin Yards

willow tree in wisconsin yard

Trees are a great way to add value and beauty to your yard. They help improve the air quality, reduce stress, protect natural wildlife, and can even save you money by reducing your energy bill. On average you can save $31 per year just by planting a tree, so what’s stopping you?

Here are 10 hardy trees for Wisconsin yards

  1. Crabapple Tree
    One of the prettiest trees native to Wisconsin is the Crabapple Tree. While the “apples” on the tree are mainly grown for decoration they add a lovely pop of color to any yard. This tree is one of the most popular Wisconsin flowering trees as it thrives in Northwest America. The Crabapple Tree also benefits native animals, birds, and can even attract butterflies. The fruit produced can also be used as an ingredient in jellies, ciders, and syrups. Crabapple Trees enjoy bright sunny areas and only require a bit of care during the springtime. If you are looking for small trees to add to your yard that attracts beautiful native birds, then a Crabapple tree is a wonderful addition.
  2.  Ginkgo Tree
    The Ginkgo Tree is a widely popular tree in Wisconsin that is also prominent with urban homeowners due to its resilience to insects, drought, and diseases. This ancient tree has been around for over 270 million years and is both a shade and an ornamental tree. The Ginkgo Tree can be planted in almost any soil and come fall the leaves turn a brilliant yellow color. The ginkgo tree growth rate is medium but can vary. It requires a lot of sun and space, but it can also be grown in confined spaces, it just will not grow as large. The Ginkgo is even known to have several herbal uses. This tree can live up to 3,000 years so it will be a part of your family for generations to come. This very popular Midwest tree is an amazing addition to any yard.
  3. Northern Red Oak
    For those looking for fast-growing trees, the Northern Red Oak is what you’ve been searching for. This Oak will provide shade for your yard and add a stunning pop of red every fall. Come autumn, it is also known to drop acorns which can be eaten or used for crafts. This tree is fantastic for growing in urban areas or near sidewalks as it has a deep root system. This tree requires minimal care and can be grown in almost any condition, making it a favorite across all of Wisconsin and is very popular within Wisconsin state parks.
  4.  Chinese Dogwood
    If you are looking for a yard to plant in your front yard the Chinese Dogwood is an excellent choice. The Chinese Dogwood is a shade tree which makes it a perfect addition to any space that does not get a lot of sun. While it grows slowly, this tree is both pest and disease resistant. This small tree has white blossoms in the summer and scarlet or purple leaves in the fall. This is a tree that can add color to your yard all year round.
  5. Concolor Fir
    The Concolor Fir is a popular fragrant tree across all of Wisconsin. This native tree stays green all year round and can grow up 30-50 feet tall. These resilient trees have a long lifespan – with some known to be 350 years old. This evergreen has a very shallow spreading root system, which makes it very popular with homeowners who have smaller yards. Deer and other native Wisconsin wildlife love snacking on the needles of this tree. The Concolor Fir can add a beautiful citrus pine scent to your yard for generations to come.
  6. Sugar Maple Tree
    The Sugar Maple is one of the most popular types of maple trees in Wisconsin, so popular that it was declared the state tree in 1949. The sugar maple is an excellent shade tree that can live up to 400 years, giving your yard a cool place to relax. Sugar Maples have gorgeous fiery orange leaves in the fall and can also be tapped for sap when they mature. This tree will provide your yard with shade, beautiful colors, and even maple syrup.
  7. Japanese Tree Lilac
    This flowering tree adds a serene touch of elegance to your yard. The Japanese Tree Lilac has soft white flowers that bloom in the early summer and has bright red bark during the winter. It enjoys being planted in full sun and while it prefers well-drained loose soil, it will also grow in clay soil – perfect for Southeastern Wisconsin. The Japanese Tree Lilac can grow from 20-30 feet tall, making it ideal for homeowners looking for a small tree.
  8. Serviceberry
    The Serviceberry can look like a large shrub or a small tree. They work very well as backdrops and privacy borders to help landscape and add character to your yard. This tree has smooth, gray bark, and provides year-round beauty. In the spring, the Serviceberry has white flowers and then transitions from yellow to red foliage in the fall. It also has edible purple fruit that attracts Wisconsin wildlife. This tree is also known as the Juneberries or Saskatoon berries across the country as there are several different species of these trees native to Wisconsin.
  9. Honey Crisp
    What is there not to love about a tree that is both gorgeous and that you can use to make an apple pie? The Honey Crisp is a very popular Midwestern tree that has white blossoms in the spring and provides apples in the fall. While this tree can be prone to disease and pests, the work is well worth the reward. The apples that are grown from this tree are juicy and crispy when it matures. The best part of this tree for Wisconsin yards is that it is a very winter-hardy tree and does well in Zone 4. Adding a Honey Crisp tree to your yard will add value to your home in more ways than one.
  10.  Willow
    The Willow is a very popular shade tree for the serene tranquility it can add to your yard. This is a tree that is very easy to grow and requires little maintenance. This tree can grow into a large tree and can reach the age of 85 years. The Willow enjoys growing in full sun and thrives by being by streams in wet soil. For those who love to sit in the shade, the Willow is a perfect addition to your Wisconsin yard.

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