Top 3 Ways Decorative Stones Improve Your Waukesha Property

Are you a Waukesha homeowner looking to spruce up your property? Then don’t underestimate the value of remodeling your home or garden using decorative stones.

A study has shown their use can get you a 75% return on your investment if you sell. What’s more, the benefits don’t just include being stylish. You can actually save money by using them. Even the simplest rock and stone features can make a big difference.

decorative stone used in a retaining wall

Curious about how? Then read on to find out three ways decorative stones can improve your property.

1. More Curb Appeal Equals Added Value

Think about the first thing a potential buyer will see if they view your house. Curb appeal measures how appealing your exterior is when viewed from the street. This first impression can make or break a sale.

Experts agree that you’ll see a much better return on smaller improvements like these compared to pricey larger jobs like a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Paving your walkway can add a warm and inviting feel to your home. It’s the difference between a cold concrete path and a curving one made of multicolored stones. The burbling sounds of a water feature surrounded by a stone border can also make a soothing, peaceful exterior.

2. They Make Better Mulch

If your home has a garden, you can use decorative stones as rock mulch. This versatile material has a number of advantages over bark mulch. Some of these include that it:

  • Does not need replacing as often
  • Does not decompose
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

Pea gravel is an inexpensive stone that’s perfect for mulch since it suppresses weeds. You can use the mulch as a design tactic. Just about any style and color of stone can be used to match your garden perfectly.

3. They Are Low Maintenance

Even if you enjoy beautifying your home, who wants to spend more time on it than necessary?

Decorative stones don’t require much maintenance. Unlike other materials, they are strong, sturdy, and resistant to weather and bugs. Also, you don’t have to mow it, pluck weeds, or put down harmful pesticides.

A material like crushed granite is one of the best low-maintenance stones. It drains well, so you won’t get puddles in your yard. It is also easy to remove if you want to switch things up by putting in a new flower bed or garden feature.

Get a professional to do the initial installation. This ensures it’s done right and the materials will be top-notch. After that, the maintenance needed is virtually zero.

Using Decorative Stones Around Your Home

The most popular spots Waukesha homeowners use stones are in pathways, driveways, and as edging for plants. If you’re stuck for ideas, a border around a pool or water feature is always a good choice. The only limit is your imagination!

Want some inspiration? Keep up with landscape and design trends by reading our blog. And if you’re ready to make a change to your home today, get in touch with us to see how we can help!