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Wet Basement? Try Drainage Correction

A wet basement, with leaks in the walls, puddles, and odors is a problem no one wants to have. If you have plans to finish your basement that are being postponed by the dampness due to water infiltration, a fix may be easier than you think. Your problem may be related to drainage and grading, and may not require any work to be done on your foundation walls themselves. In Milwaukee and Waukesha, your drainage correction experts are ready and waiting at Central Services.

There are many symptoms of drainage problems, including water ponding, wet basements and garages, damage to your foundation, loss of plants and shrubs, and more. These problems can eventually cause serious damage and negatively impact the value of your property.

If you see any of these problems, you may need drainage correction to repair landscaping drainage elements so that they properly drain rain and other water sources away from problem areas. We can repair many types of landscaping drainage systems, including French drains, sump pumps, surface drainage and dry creek river beds.

It is of utmost importance that water finds its way off of your property in an efficient manner. Since water is highly predictable in that it always finds the lowest point, grading is a relatively easy fix. At Central Services, our over 40 years of experience in landscaping services gives us the knowledge and skill to fix any drainage problem, no matter how difficult. From gardening and horticulture to landscaping construction and maintenance, we are the company that can be relied upon to deliver fast, quality results.

We’ll begin by understanding the draining issue by diagnosing the symptoms to develop a unique solution that corrects the problem. Solutions can be simple, such as adding downspout extensions or a simple drain, as a cost-effective fix. In more complicated cases, our decades of experience in landscape architecture helps us better understand the problem – and provide the necessary solution.

Our employees are true professionals who are fully-trained and fully-licensed subject matter experts in their respective fields. They participate in year-round training designed to build on their knowledge and acculturate them to Central Services’ standards of quality, visual beauty, and excellence. When you entrust your lawn and landscaping needs to Central Services, you also get the full backing of our exceptional personnel who will arrive at your job site on time, neatly-dressed, and properly outfitted with the right equipment. No matter the size of the job, our team will work tirelessly to ensure your lawn and landscaping needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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What is Finish Grading?

Finish grading is the “final draft” of a lawn to make it perfect and presentable; it provides the final shaping and prepares the seedbed or sod base for completion. This stage of the process comes after the rough grade and after proper drainage is established. This is a process that is probably left to the professionals and the tools they have, which can remove extra rock and debris from the seedbed while pulverizing the soil. This will give you that smooth, finished look that you want your lawn to have.

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