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Five Benefits of Mulching

Many homeowners recognize the benefits of mulching as a part of their landscape design. Wisely so, as it offers practical benefits as well endless creative options. Central Services provides mulching services and products and here are five reasons we think mulching is a great idea for any yard.

Why We Say Mulch!

1. Conserve soil moisture

There are several kinds of mulch, but no matter what kind you use it will help slow moisture evaporation so more water remains in the soil and is available to thirsty plant roots. Not only is it beneficial for your plant life, but you’ll also benefit too by having to spend less time watering, especially if you have a large yard and lots of plants or flowers.

2. Protect against temperature changes

Mulch acts as an insulator, helping to regulate soil temperature to keep plant roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Mulching is especially important for new plantings done in the fall that are still tender as temperatures begin to plummet.

3. Improve fertility and health of the soil

Wood mulch and mulches made from other organic materials improve the soil as they break down. Microbes and insects in the soil naturally consume the mulch over time, adding the by-products back to the soil in the form of organic matter. Central Services offers a wide variety of mulches and can discuss with you which one can best meet your objectives.

4. Reduce weed growth

How much mulch you use and the area you use it, such as shady or lots of sunlight, will factor into how helpful it is in diminishing weed growth, but it will help. A 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch naturally helps prevents weeds from sprouting and taking over the landscape by blocking their growth and access to sunlight. It can take anywhere from 4-to 6-inch layers however to completely prevent weeds from growing. In shady spots, a 2- to 3-inch layer should suffice, but in areas with consistent sun exposure it may require a little more.

5. Enhance the visual appeal

If you have a creative streak, then this is the most fun addition to the benefits of mulching. Mulch instantly gives your landscape a beautiful, finished appearance. With a variety of color schemes to choose from, the landscape design possibilities are limitless. Use two different colors next to each other in an inventive arrangement and turn your yard into an artistic masterpiece.

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Mulching your garden beds is a smart way to reduce labor and energy consumption while enhancing the beauty of your beds and property. Whether revamping the look of your yard or working on it from scratch, Central Services provides the Milwaukee area with high-quality landscaping products and services. Contact us today to learn about our mulching services or to set up a consultation.