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Snow Removal Rates in Milwaukee

Did you know that each winter in the US, around 100 people die while shoveling snow? In fact, doctors advise that people over 55, who are overweight, have coronary diseases, are smokers, or aren’t in the habit of exercising avoid shoveling snow.

Why? Probably because the strenuous exertion of lifting snow causes the blood pressure and heart rate to jump, and the cold, winter air causes a person’s arteries to constrict. In other words, you get the ideal conditions for a heart attack. And, even if you are physically able to shovel, the amount of snow and the time it takes to clear it may make it impractical for you to do it yourself.

snowplow clearing snow after a storm

If it’s unsafe or unwise for you shovel your snow, it’s time you learn more about snow removal rates in Milwaukee.

What Affects Local Snow Removal Costs?

Snow Removal vs. Snow Plowing

Though these two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. If you hire someone for snow services, they’ll typically offer two slightly different services:

  • Snow plowing, which refers to clearing your driveway and stacking the snow on your lawn.
  • Snow removal, which refers to clearing your driveway and also taking the snow away with them in a truck to some pre-approved drop site.

Obviously, having snow removed from your property is more expensive. Yet, if you don’t want a 5-foot mound of snow blocking your windows, you may prefer snow removal.

When you request services, make sure you understand which service they are offering.

Equipment Used

The price you pay has a lot to do with the type of equipment your snow removal company will be using.

The less time they need to spend clearing your property, the less cost to you. For instance, using snowblowers makes removing snow a lot quicker than using shovels. Yet, some surfaces or tight areas make using a snowblower impossible.

Discuss your surface and space with the companies you contact to ensure you get an accurate quote.

Driveway Size and Design

As we mentioned, the size and surface of your driveway will play a role in the price you pay for snow removal or clearing. For instance:

  • Long, steep or curved driveways will cost more.
  • Dirt and gravel driveways typically cost more as well.
  • Paved, straight driveways are the least expensive to clear.

Response Time

How quickly do you want the snow cleared? If you need to be in your car and on your way to work by 6 in the morning, you will likely be paying a premium to get you to the top of the list for clearing your driveway.

If you’re more concerned with getting the best snow removal rates you can, be prepared to wait for awhile after any big snowfall before you get plowed out.

Per-Service or Flat Rate

Many residential snow removal companies will charge you a flat rate for each time they come to clear your property. Other times, companies will give you a monthly rate. This means that whether it snows 40 times or once, you pay the same price.

Here are a few other important things you should know:

  • Most companies have a set amount of snowfall that they will let sit before they come. Usually, you’ll need around 2 inches of snow accumulation before they will come to clear it away.
  • During blizzards or snow storms that last for days, snow removal services will typically return periodically to clear your property, providing continuous service throughout the extended period of snowfall.
  • The average yearly snowfall in Milwaukee is 50 inches. Keep that in mind when you choose per-service or flat rates.

The Extras

When you shop around for snow removal prices, make sure to ask about the extras, such as your porch, paths, steps and so on. Some companies include these extras in their snow removal rates and some don’t.

Confirm with the business what is included and what is not.

Get the Best Snow Removal Rates in Your Area

Before you hire anyone, your best bet to find the best services and the best prices in Milwaukee is to do your research. Our suggestions:

  • Read each company’s reviews online and ask your friends for referrals.
  • Make sure you know the size of your driveway, so you can get accurate snow removal rates without later getting additional costs added.
  • Look for a company that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has a good rating.
  • Don’t forget about quality of service! There’s little point in getting a great rate but poor service.

For great service at fair rates, contact us for a quote today. Our professional team provides around-the-clock snow removal services in Milwaukee and Waukesha.

What You Should Look for in the Best Snow Removal Services in Waukesha

If you live in Milwaukee, you’re no stranger to heavy snowfall. Parts of the state were hit with record snowfall in 2017, so you need to ramp up for the winter by hiring top-level snow removal services.

With winter approaching, it’s important for you to learn what to know about hiring snow removal pros.

man snow blowing

Consider the tips below and you’ll find the service that you need.

Search for Snow Removal Services in Advance

The worst thing you can do for your home or business is to wait too long to hire snow removal services. By the time severe weather alerts start rolling in, it’s likely that local residents and businesses are already securing the help of snow removal experts. Waiting too late might make it difficult to find a professional that isn’t booked up.

Think about the services you need before hiring a snow removal professional in Waukesha. Some people might just need to have their driveway cleared, while others will need pre-snowfall treatments for their entire parking lot.

Contact snow removal companies in advance if possible, that way they can be your go-to shop any time inclement weather arrives. And, remember to browse the different plans so that your snow services are handled on schedule.

Look for a Company That Has a Great Reputation

Reputation is everything when outsourcing snow removal services. Since snow and ice are safety hazards, you need a company that has a reputation for arriving on time and giving accurate results.

Ask your snow removal pros if they’re currently licensed, bonded, and insured. By checking on these points, you’ll know that their work is protected. You should also find out what sort of snow removal techniques the contractors provide. Some professionals use rock salt, while others use calcium chloride.

Also, find out how long the service will take to complete so that you can schedule them accordingly.

Find Affordable Rates on Snow Removal

Price is the most important thing you’ll need to know about hiring a snow removal company.

When hiring a snow service, you’ll generally pay by the appointment or in the form of an annual agreement. For instance, a single appointment might cost you about $60, while annual service might cost approximately $400.

Take time to get plenty of price estimates on the service so you’ll be able to compare and get a stellar deal.

Reach Out to Central Services

To make the most out of your Milwaukee snow removal needs, contact us. Not only do we handle emergency snow removal, we’ll also help you out with salting, snow blowing, and shoveling. We can also be your one-stop shop for your year-round landscaping needs, since we also provide grounds maintenance and other services.

If you contact us, we’ll happily provide you some cost estimates on our service today. Get in touch with our professionals and let us show you why our snow removal services beat the competition hands down.

Grounds Maintenance Services Can Save Homeowners Time and Money

In today’s hectic world, it can be hard to find time for the things that really matter. Most modern families consist of parents who both work full-time (or more) and kids with busy schedules of sports and other activities. How does one find time to keep up around the house? Many families are learning what business have known for many years, that outsourcing tasks such as grounds maintenance and snow removal, can actually result in a net savings for them in terms of time and money. In Milwaukee and Waukesha, trust your landscaping maintenance needs to the experts at Central Services.

Busy schedules and lack of time for planning and executing the regular maintenance involved with keeping an outdoor living space at it’s full potential causes stress. This leads to a dissatisfaction with the appearance of your grounds, and family plans get cancelled or postponed in favor of yard work. In summer, when families typically take advantage of open schedules for long family vacations, it becomes even more difficult to keep up with tedious landscaping projects. With modern families, it all comes down to time, and time is priceless.

Central Services, as full-service landscaping, grounds maintenance, and snow removal firm, has the expertise, experience, and quality equipment necessary to make short work of all projects. Take snow removal, for instance. Consider the hours you spend after every Wisconsin snowstorm clearing snow. Between pulling out the snowblower, getting it running, clearing as much as it can handle before clearing the rest with the shovel, and then putting everything away, you’ve just spent a large portion of your day on this project, and the snow keeps falling. Factor in the cost of the snowblower, maintenance, shovels, and more, and you start to understand that outsourcing could save you money in the long term. Central Services averages only a quick half hour for most snow removal projects; our work is efficient and thorough, and it’s done without you having to lift a finger.

Also consider the opportunity costs of other projects you’re not getting done because of your time spent on grounds maintenance. Whether it’s missed work opportunities, home improvements, hobbies, or much-deserved relaxation, you can’t always put a value on the things that you miss out on because of time spent on yard work.

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