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Sodding vs Seeding

Central Services is proud to be your seeding and sodding experts in the Waukesha and Milwaukee areas. When you offer expertise in both services, a question you often get is “Well, should I seed or sod?” Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the three important decisions you need to make when considering lawn establishment methods are turfgrass selection, site preparation, and care of the new lawn. Read on to learn more about these considerations.

The most important difference between seeding and sodding is the time necessary for developing a mature or durable turf. Sodding is essentially transplanting a mature turf that has been cared for by a professional. Seeding involves the same process used in the establishment of sod and can be accomplished by a professional or the homeowner. The number of variables involved in seeding makes it difficult and many times unsuccessful for the homeowner.

One of the advantages of seeding is that there are far more grass types and varieties to choose from. It’s also less costly than sodding and develops stronger root systems initially. The main disadvantages are that the initial establishment takes longer, and best results are often only achieved in late summer and early fall. Moisture is also critical for the young seedlings, and failure to water properly results in a failed lawn.

Sodding offers advantages in a rapidly established and relatively weed-free lawn, at least initially. Sodding is great for slopes or areas prone to erosion because it won’t wash away at the first rain like seeding. Sod can also be laid anytime during the growing season. The main disadvantages of sodding are the high cost in comparison to seeding, and the smaller selection or control over kinds of grasses, especially in shade tolerance varieties.

With both options, establishment is critical and the process varies quite a bit. The experts at Central Services have experience with just about every lawn establishment situation possible. Our highly skilled landscape experts will tackle your most challenging lawn projects armed with the knowledge and tools to make any lawn establishment a great success. Don’t waste time and money by trying to do it yourself, call Central Services and get the lawn you want quickly, and ensure that it will last.

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