Landscaping Your Front Yard

The presentation of your front yard is everything. It’s the first thing visitors, neighbors, and passerby see, and it makes an impression. Here are a few simple but impactful landscaping ideas that can transform your front yard design and make it beautiful.

Driveway Details

Your driveway probably takes up a great portion of your front yard. Many homeowners forget that you can decorate and customize the driveway area! Obviously, your driveway should be both durable and functional, but it should also be visually appealing.

To add to your driveway’s “curb appeal,” you can:

  • Illuminate it. Use LED lights to give your driveway a beautiful, nighttime appeal.
  • Use a variety of materials. Using different materials, such as decorative flagstone, can accent your concrete.
  • Add a gate. Whether large or small, a nice gate can add sophistication to your driveway.
  • Remove barriers. This will make your yard look and feel bigger.
  • Add edging. Pavers can complement your driveway and contain planting areas.
  • Add fountains. This option adds great beauty and sophistication, and it pulls your yard together.

Expand Your Porch

A large porch is extremely visually appealing and functional. You may have a small porch now, but expanding it will add new value to your home and yard. Central Services can help with any questions you may have about expanding your porch or upgrading the design of your front yard.


Shine a light on what you’d most like to highlight in your beautiful front yard. Strategically placed lights can really make all the difference. Remember to pick lights that match your home’s style. For example, modern light fixtures are not the best choice for a traditional style home. The color of the light fixtures you choose will also make a difference.

Add Trees

Accent trees are a great addition to any front yard. Accent trees can also change the look and feel of your front yard drastically, which makes them great for landscaping makeovers.

When choosing trees, remember:

  • If you are partial to evergreens, you may want to consider a blue spruce or a Douglas fir.
  • If you want your yard to be a mix of beautiful colors in the fall, add a sugar maple or Japanese red maple.

The Little Things

If you’re looking to update your front yard’s presentation without breaking the bank, there are plenty of small accents you can sprinkle in. Consider adding fencing around any flower beds. You may also want to add rocks to flower beds or line your front walkway. Even the little things can make a big difference! A small tweak to your front yard can add appeal for years to come.

While many focus on the backyard, the front yard is the first impression your house gives, so give it the attention it deserves. Central Services recognizes the importance of making your yard unique and beautiful, and can help with any questions or concerns you have.

For more ideas on increasing your front yard’s appeal, check out this article on adding a vintage touch to your garden.