Organic Lawn care options –Top Dressing and over-seeding

Organic lawn care products are equipped to give your lawn the boost it needs to be lush, green, and environmentally safe. Organic options for lawn care, work with nature to feed the soil, as opposed to taking from the soil, to feed the plants directly. An organic program can help improve the soil capacity to hold more nutrients and water and promote a safe environment for you, your family, and your pets. Using organic materials correctly can promote healthy, deep, root growth; healthy grass will then out-compete the weeds, and pests, and be more drought resistant.

At Central Services we offer an organic program to Top Dress for nutrients. This program can provide 100% of your lawn’s fertilization needs. It then can be paired with an over-seeding application. Overseeding allows for a clean approach without disrupting your existing turf. This can improve the thickness and density to thin lawn areas. Compost-seeded lawns can create a lush lawn up to 60% faster than conventional seeding. Central Services will customize a formula that is right for your lawn area.

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