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Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass can be any homeowner’s nightmare. It can grow at an alarming rate, even in dry, hot seasons, and take over a once beautiful lawn. Crabgrass is unsightly and most noticeable because it grows at a faster rate and makes the lawn look uneven.  There are chemicals that help eliminate crabgrass once it is established without hurting the  lawn but the best way to control it, is to prevent it.

Crabgrass is an upright weed that can be mat forming and often has purple stems.

Crabgrass is an upright weed that can be mat forming and when mature it often has purple stems.

In Wisconsin Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed, meaning it has a life of less than a year. The first hard frost of the year will kill off the weeds; however one crabgrass weed can distribute thousands of seed which will be ready to germinate in the spring. Crabgrass germinates when the soil temps are greater than 55°F for a consecutive 7-10 days and it will continue to germinate in soil temperatures up to 95°F. The best way to control it is by applying a professional grade pre-emergent herbicide before it germinates. In our area it is typically most effective if it is applied in April to mid-May however, in a seasonably cold or hot spring it can alter the best timing of this application.

Central Services takes in account all the variable of the season to time the crucial period of when to apply this pre-emergent. Applications of the professional pre-emergent used will not only help prevent crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds, it will promote a healthy, dense, lawn. Our specialists can implement the best program for your lawn to help control weeds. We will come out and evaluate your lawn and recommend the best program.  Contact us today and talk to a certified and licensed professional about managing your lawn.

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Organic Lawn care options –Top Dressing and over-seeding

Organic lawn care products are equipped to give your lawn the boost it needs to be lush, green, and environmentally safe. Organic options for lawn care, work with nature to feed the soil, opposed to taking from the soil, to feed the plants directly. An organic program can help improve the soil capacity to hold more nutrients and water, and promote a safe environment for you, your family, and your pets. Using organic materials correctly can promote healthy, deep, root growth; healthy grass will then outcompete the weeds, pests, and be more draught resistance.

At Central Services we offer an organic program to Top Dress for nutrients. This program can provide 100% of your lawns fertilization needs. It then can be paired with an over-seeding application. Over-seeding allows for a clean approach without disrupting your existing turf. This can improve thickness and density to thin lawn areas. Compost seeded lawns can create a lush lawn up to 60% faster than conventional seeding. Central Services will customize a formula that is right for your lawn area.

For more information on Topdressing with organic compost and over-seeding contact Central Services and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Waukesha residents know that the beauty of a creative and well-maintained landscape is a perfect way to honor Mother Nature. But we are willing to admit a bit more: the beauty of your landscape directly affects the value of your home as it is represented in the community.

When it comes to lawn care, our team of professionals has created satisfied costumers in Waukesha for 30 + years. From lawn fertilization and weed control to award winning landscape construction and design, Central Services is your full service landscape company.

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