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Mowing the Lawn

The constant activity you will need to do on a weekly basis (most of the year), and whether you’re a green thumb or not, there is a method to the madness of mowing your lawn.

Mowing your lawn is like trimming your hair. It’s taking away the mangled, dirty ends so that the rest of your hair can grow back longer and healthier. Every type of grass is different when considering the height of the blade on your mower, but if you follow the one-third rule—that is, don’t cut any more than one-third the total length of grass—you’ll be fine. And for frequency? Most homeowners are out there cutting grass once a week, depending on rainfall in the previous days. The more precipitation you get, the more your grass will grow, and the sooner you’ll have to mow it!

One last thing to mention is the trees you’ll mow around. Many people treat tree trunks like bumper poles in a game of bumper cars, when that is detrimental to the tree! A lawn mower repeatedly hitting the tree can cause irreparable damage in the form of damaged or rotting underlying skin tissue, an essential part of the tree’s growth. Keep a three-foot radius of grassless soil around the tree, and maybe even install some decorative bricks to add a bit of flair to your lawn while protecting your trees at the same time!

For more information about mowing, contact your favorite Waukesha and Milwaukee Landscaper, Central Services Co, Inc.; for a quote.